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Bug #218 closed:unresolved
SFGate exaggerated giardia risk from stolen puppy

A post in "The Scavenger" blog, which had prominent placement on the home page on March 4, had a headline emphasizing that a stolen puppy infected with giardia could infect humans. The post itself also stated this — but it is unlikely for humans to contract giardia from dogs. Read more

Bug #232 closed:unresolved
Controversial remarks by S.F. police chief — what remarks?

The article "Police chief's remarks on terrorism anger Arabs" is missing a critical piece of information — the chief's alleged remarks are not quoted anywhere in the story! The reporter paraphrases what Gascon "reportedly said" at the large meeting of city officials and business people, and... Read more

Bug #238 closed:unresolved
iPad sales figures mischaracterized

The reporter apparently read Apple's press release headline in which the company claimed to have sold 300,000 iPads on the "First Day" (Saturday), or else used incorrect facts from other headlines. In fact, Apple did not sell that many last Saturday. The total (as Apple later admits in its... Read more

Bug #243 closed:withdrawn
Redundant usage of "been" in Daily Cal

Caption: "A proposal to construct a laundromat in the Southside Lofts & Retail building on Telegraph Avenue has been met with opposition from residents, who cite concerns about noise, safety and parking problems." "...been met with...." is redundant.  This should be "met with" or "met." Read more

Bug #245 closed:unresolved
Confusing/ungrammatical sentence in Daily Cal

From the first paragraph:   "Meanwhile, while many officials currently in office have touted significant achievements, they have promises yet to be fulfilled."   That last phrase is ungrammatical or inaccurate.  It should be "they have made promises" or "their past promises... Read more

Bug #247 closed:corrected
Wrong location for "Andy Warhol: Good for the Jews" in EBay Express

Listing for Josh Kornbluth's show "Andy Warhol: Good for the Jews?" says the show is at the Jewish Community Center in SF, but actually it's at The Jewish Theater in the Theater Artaud building. There's a comment pointing out the error but it's still showing with the wrong info on the Express home... Read more

Bug #248 closed:unresolved
Wrong figure used for SF school cutbacks

The story "S.F. school district, teachers at impasse," from April 14, 2010, appears differently in print and online. The print version says the San Francisco Unified School District is facing a two-year budget shortfall of $118 million. The Web version says $113 million. A correction did appear the... Read more

Bug #255 closed:unresolved
"Heavy downpour" redundant

Redundant to use of "heavy downpour." Can just say "downpour." There are no "light downpours."  Read more

Bug #256 closed:unresolved
Description of light bulb in electrocution story raises questions

As suggested in a number of the comments on SFGate, the journalist's description of the light fixture involved in the electricution doesn't pass the smell test. According to the story "Mustafa Algazawy of San Francisco was changing a 16-foot-long, 120-volt bulb" when he was killed. As someone who... Read more

Bug #262 closed:corrected
TechCrunch iPhone story cites wrong police agency

This article says that the Santa Clara County Police Department is investigating the stolen iPhone incident. The Santa Clara County Police Department does not exist. Further on, the article mentions the Santa Clara Police Department. It is most likely that Santa Clara PD would not investigate this... Read more