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Bug #38484 closed:unresolved
Eye Witless News Report

A witty June 17 ABC news story was recently spotlighted in an eye-opening article by journalist, Mark Schreiber, writing from Japan. The Tokyo-based scribe lifts the lid on widespread claims of an eyeball licking craze sweeping Japanese primary schools to expose it as a hoax. A growing... Read more

Bug #37292 closed:unresolved
ABC's Japan quake video: wrong place, time

The description for this video, capturing a few minutes of the killer earthquake that rocked Japan in March of 2011, reads: "Residents in Miyagi Prefecture run as debris falls from buildings." The trouble with the story is that the reporter on camera identifies herself as being in Yokohama City... Read more

Bug #30250 closed:unresolved
News of the World as "best-selling newspaper" (2)

Good Morning America and many, many news outlets have been repeating this claim about the News of the World tabloid, calling it "the best-selling paper in the English language." But in reality, many other sources point to the Times of India having a higher circulation, including at this Wikipedia... Read more