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Bug #38619 closed:unresolved
Kendrick Johnson racist "Murder" - Valdosta, GA.

ONe-sided. Quoted questionable sources. Parents of murder victim claim racism, CNN quotes family, famous civil rights attorney as saying local sheriff lied, Ga. Bureau Investigation lied. CNN didn't explore qualifictions of person who did second autopsy. Former 4-term president (white) of local... Read more

Bug #30344 closed:unresolved
Jose Padilla described inaccurately

The caption on the picture asserts that Jose Padilla was convicted of a dirty bomb plot.  The lede indicates that he is a "convicted terrorist plotter."  Neither are true; he was convicted of providing material support by completing an application to go to an al Qaeda camp in 2000. Read more

Bug #30248 closed:unresolved
News of the World as best-selling newspaper

CNN, ABC News and many, many news outlets have been repeating this claim about the News of the World tabloid, calling it "the best-selling English-language newspaper in the world." But in reality, many other sources point to the Times of India having a higher circulation, including at this... Read more

Bug #30227 closed:corrected
CNN story falsely said John Walker Lindh is a "convicted terrorist"

The article, about a terrorism suspect named Michael Finton, contains the statement:  "Authorities said Finton idolized convicted terrorist John Walker Lindh -- an American who was captured fighting for the Taliban in Afghanistan...."  This is a grievious error.  John Lindh, my son,... Read more

Bug #28501 closed:unresolved
TSA scanner stories omit key fact

The error of omission in most of these stories about the new TSA scanner and increased security checks as well as public discord with the policies is their reference for the cause of their implementation. Most of the major news outlet stories claim that it is due to the Underwear bomber Umar... Read more

Bug #27775 closed:corrected
NZ Prime Minister given new job description

CNN reporting on the news about The Hobbit and Warner Brothers filming in New Zealand mistakenly called the Prime Minister of New Zealand (John Key) the Director of Weta Workshop (Richard Taylor) Read more