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Bug #38561 closed:withdrawn

Writing for the Atlantic Wire (August 26, 2013 – “The New York Times Deigns to Use the F Word”), Rebecca Greenfield exclaims that “In a nearly unprecedented move, the stodgy New York Times printed the f-word in its entirety…” Hmm, “nearly... Read more

Bug #37296 closed:unresolved
Picture Imperfect

The caption for a photo of a 2005 North Korean state ceremony accompanying this article on "the strange rise and fall of North Korea's business empire in Japan" reads: "Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad tours the Tehran nuclear research reactor. " The AP photo looks like it was shot inside some... Read more

Bug #37282 closed:unresolved
Yes We Can! Fix This Mistake

Back in October, 2009 James Fallows wrote on his Atlantic Monthly blog about how a newly coined word, “obamu,” had “gained currency among some Japanese youths.” The word according to the blog entry was a verb rooted in the name Obama, as in President Obama. Essentially this... Read more

Bug #30282 closed:unresolved
MediaBugs authors compound the John Lindh "al Qaeda" myth

In their "Corrections in theWeb Age" article in The Atlantic about false reports that John Walker Lindh (my son) is a "terrorist" or contributed his services to a "terrorist organization," the authors actually compounded the problem they were describing by saying falsely that John received training... Read more

Bug #30146 closed:corrected
WSJ based in New York, not D.C.

Story says: "The respected Washington, D.C.-based newspaper has built a site for securely uploading documents to its own internal servers" WSJ is headquartered in New York: http://help.wsj.com/contact-us/?mod=WSJ_footer Read more