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Bug #38445 closed:unresolved
Eye Network Lacks Nose for Fishy Stories

They don’t call CBS the “Eye Network” for nothing I guess. Just read the eye-popping lede on Michelle Castillo’s June 14, 2013 story, “Japanese "eyeball licking" trend carries blindness risk.”  Castillo wrote, “A strange trend among Japanese... Read more

Bug #30290 closed:unresolved
Story on Navy SEALs' bin Laden raid with "helmet cams" untrue?

In his report on the Abbottabad raid, CBS News' David Martin stated that "the 40 minutes it took to kill bin Laden and scoop his archives into garbage bags were all recorded by tiny helmet cameras worn by each of the 25 SEALs. Officials reviewing those videos are still reconstructing a more... Read more

Bug #30223 closed:unresolved
60 Minutes falsely suggests John Lindh is a "terrorist"

The story features a fairly lengthy segment about Sheik Zindani and his al Imam University.  Steve Kroft introduced this portion of the story by saying:  “Al Imam University, the alma mater of some very famous alumni.  John Walker Lindh, the American Taliban recruit, studied at... Read more

Bug #28490 closed:corrected
'4-year-old sued for bike crash' story still has errors

The story misstates the age of a child involved in the incident; he was five, not four. It also misstates the circumstances of the elderly woman's death; she died three months after the incident (not three weeks after it) reportedly from unrelated causes. Read more