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Bug #30210 closed:unresolved
skype plugin

Video keeps crashing do to skype tool bars plug-in crascing. Read more

Bug #30161 closed:unresolved
Tallinn airport is TLL not TTL

Tallinn airport is TLL not TTL Read more

Bug #29956 closed:unresolved
Shopsquad using video, voice or text

with shopsquad, you can use video and/or voice and/or text chat to communicate. Read more

Bug #28559 closed:withdrawn
'Ombudsperson', methinks

Ironically, I failed to first use the Report an Error functionality to report this, uh, error. D'oh. 'Ombudsman' should be 'ombudsperson', shouldn't it? Read more

Bug #28555 closed:corrected

Maybe it’s a little idealistic to propose that news sites given an interface feature a name that is direct rather than euphemistic.  Give Read more

Bug #28502 closed:corrected
Post needs spellcheck

look at first sentence.  "head" instead of "heard" Read more

Bug #25707 closed:corrected
Misquoting 49er linebacker Takeo Spikes

On the field following the 49ers' loss to the Philadelphia Eagles, which dropped the team's record to 0-5, Laurence Scott asked 49ers linebacker Takeo Spikes, "Is 0-5 insurmountable? Can you guys get back in this?" Spikes answered: "Absolutely not. I don’t think so. I know we still have a... Read more

Bug #11826 closed:unresolved
"Market Watch: san mateo county" lowest price Highlands property 2004 New Brunswick - $419900

There is a million dollar tudor home on that lot that they list as lowest price active listing. I'm not sure where they get $419,900 as an active listing for this property. Read more

Bug #358 closed:corrected
KCBS quotes two unknown people at Israel protest

Why didn't this story identify the two people with whom the reporter spoke at the scene of the protest? Here's the segment in question: Protesters in San Francisco were separated by metal barricades and lines of police.  It was a loud, but peaceful demonstration. "I’m outraged about... Read more

Bug #277 closed:corrected
CA global-warming law supporter misquoted?

The story's error paints Steven Maviglio as alarmist: "Maviglio said the goal is unrealistic, as the state has only hit the proposed target (for lifting the suspension) three times in the past decade."  But in other stories, he's been reported as saying three times in the last *3*... Read more