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Bug #38578 closed:unresolved
Edmond Post Office Shooting

Sherrill said nothing as he immediately walked up to the shift supervisor, Richard Esser Jr., and shot him in the chest at close range. Still silent, Sherrill stalked more victims throughout the winding corridors of the Edmond post office. His rampage lasted for only ten minutes but,... Read more

Bug #38434 closed:unresolved
Not a Thing

“Eyeball licking spreading pinkeye in Japan.” After seeing this headline in the SFGate, the online edition of the San Francisco Chronicle, I think I can safely say I’ve seen it all. Plus I’m seeing this story all over the place so it’s got to be true. Not only that,... Read more

Bug #38135 closed:unresolved
Twice Mistaken

In his December 12, 2012 Mother Jones blog post ("Mark Bittman's Smart Take on Kids and Pesticides"), Tom Philpott quotes the following line from a commentary piece by New York Times columnist, Mark Bittman: “I was impressed by a statement by the American Association of... Read more

Bug #38125 closed:unresolved
Factually wrong use of DDE pesticide data comparing organic vs conventional kale

In a piece about the benefits of organic food, a graph is given comparing the residues of the pesticide DDE on organic and conventionally grown kale. Unfortunately, the underlying source (http://whatsonmyfood.org/level.jsp?food=GK&pesticide=910#f1) has no data for organic kale (that is, none... Read more

Bug #38124 closed:unresolved
Misleading use of scientific study results

In a post about why consumers should prefer organic food (after Dr. Oz made waves saying it wasn't critical), a meta-analysis study on neurological problems in workers occupationally exposed to pesticides was used in a context implying that eating organic food would reduce risks to similar... Read more

Bug #37101 closed:corrected
Softer Software

The quote "Adding manpower to a late softer project makes it later" should read ...to a late software project... I think. Kind regards. Read more

Bug #30394 closed:unresolved
Push-to-talk exists on Skype Mac

http://skype.org/intl/en/get-skype/on-your-computer/macosx/tips-and-tricks/ 5. Push to Talk If you’re on mute and want to talk, hold CTRL + OPTION + CMD + Up Arrow on yourkeyboard. Read more

Bug #30288 closed:corrected
NYT/Lindh piece missing opening paragraph

Looks like you accidentally chopped off the opening paragraph when reposting to Wordyard! Read more

Bug #30254 closed:unresolved
Skype disables ability to remove Facebook tab

Your Three Steps are therefore not working on step 2... Read more

Bug #30222 closed:unresolved
KQED's Dave Iverson falsely stated he conducted a "pre-interview" with Frank Lindh

In an interview with the ombudsman from National Public Radio on May 26, Dave Iverson incorrectly stated in response to a question that he had conducted a "preinterview" with me prior to my on-air interview on May 25. No such preinterview occurred.  I agree with the Ombudsman... Read more