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Bug #29897 closed:corrected
Lara Logan attack reported inaccurately

The LA Weekly reported that Logan was "repeatedly raped" in Tahrir Square. But the statement from CBS News said the incident was a "sexual assault and beating" and reporting by other news outlets has indicated that Logan was not raped: "The separation and assault lasted for roughly 20 to 30... Read more

Bug #29777 closed:corrected
Auburn did not play Oregon State

Orr says Auburn beat Oregon State yesterday.  I'm no football expert, but am pretty sure they played University of Oregon. Read more

Bug #27787 closed:unresolved
'Paranormal' story disregards scientific rejection of ghosts

It's a story about ghosts, which treats ghost-hunting as legitimate science. Read more

Bug #275 closed:unresolved
Berkeley Daily Planet is not "defunct"

Lance Williams refers to the the "now-defunct" Berkeley Daily Planet, which is still online and can be found by typing in the same URL which produced the chicken manure story he references in his post.  The writer was not an "op-ed" writer but our paid and appreciated occasional freelance... Read more