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Bug #28533 closed:corrected
John Perry Barlow comment on Twitter misattributed to WikiLeaks

"WikiLeaks characterized the thrust and parry nature of the struggle by saying on Twitter: 'The first serious infowar is now engaged. The field of battle is WikiLeaks. You are the troops.'" Actually, John Perry Barlow posted that on Twitter. Read more

Bug #27781 closed:corrected
Book review: Calloway fathered 4 1/2 daughters

In a review of a book about Cab Calloway, Yardley writes "He was married twice and fathered 4 1/2 daughters." Read more

Bug #22466 closed:corrected
Misreporting James O'Keefe's ACORN "Pimp" Hoax

Petri twice reports in the same story that rightwing activist James O'Keefe "dressed up as a pimp to interview members of ACORN," when in fact he never did. Rather, his videos were deceptively edited to appear that way. This fact has been known for almost a year, even as Washington Post has... Read more

Bug #9864 closed:corrected
WashPost places homicide victim at nonexistent intersection

"Police found the victim at the intersection of 16th Street and Mozart Place after receiving a call at about 9:15 p.m., according to Hugh Carew, a police spokesman." There is no intersection of 16th Street and Mozart Place. They are parallel (though near each other) and do not intersect. Read more