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Bug #30365 closed:corrected
wrong number

Lincom just called me, the number is 265-4231 not 4321 Read more

Bug #30237 closed:unresolved
so what does it SAY?

sorry, but this is a very frustrating story to read. Is the headline really that "a study was released," or are the contents of the study the real story? What does it SAY about the quality of the effluent? If it isn't clear, isn't that still the headline? Read more

Bug #30178 closed:corrected
Hyphen glitch

No hyphens after words ending in "-ly!" Read more

Bug #30168 closed:corrected
CCCDC removed

FCE/CCCDC and Lisa Craycraft are no longer involved in the project. The committee leads decided to remove FCE as the non-profit incharge. There was no discussion with FCE or CCCDC before removal. Read more

Bug #30157 closed:corrected
duplicative sentence

Edit apparently missed duplicative phrases about ages and how long they were in the water. Read more

Bug #30128 closed:unresolved
"Spring spheres" vs. "Easter eggs" story unsubstantiated

Summary of error explained by Dominic Holden of the Stranger "It tapped the wrath of Christians around the world who inundated Seattle Public Schools with emails last week furious about a teacher who refused to call colorful eggs "Easter eggs," but insisted they be called "spring... Read more

Bug #30125 closed:corrected
Davis weather station

The local weather station data doesn't pull from Accuweather.  It is measured locally with a Davis Vantage Pro station. Read more

Bug #30096 closed:withdrawn
**TEST** first bug report from sidebar widget

Test 1 Report from WA News council sidebar. (couldn't get hyperlink in this little rich text editor box thing to work :((( The Seattle Stickler misreported on the type of razor I used to shave my dog. I never go shorter than 1/4" but they brazenly contended that I used 1/8" THE NERVE! Reasons... Read more

Bug #29905 closed:corrected
Caption error

"LSCD" in caption should read "LCSD" Read more

Bug #29891 closed:corrected
This is a test message

This is a tst message Read more