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Bug #30386 closed:off topic

Just realized that the first sentence of this article says "pissing of your girlfriend" not "pissing off", which totally changes the meaning of that sentence. Read more

Bug #30353 closed:off topic
Pre-Faked article published Guilty verdict for Amanda Knox

Tne Daily Mail rpublished an online article stating the Jury had denied Knox's appeal.  Complete with fabricated reactions from within the courtroom from friends and observers. Read more

Bug #30305 closed:off topic
Violation of Fairness -- proportional word response forbidden

Meyer took 2600 words to describe how upset people were with my making freedom of information requests.  I wrote a reply to her article that used only 700 words.  She wants to limit me to 250 words.  It can't be done.  Read her article, and then mine and see what you think. Read more

Bug #30276 closed:off topic
bug 200

<h1>I am not sure</h1> but this bug was very danger.. Read more

Bug #28526 closed:off topic

Testing error reporting. Thanks. Read more

Bug #28497 closed:off topic
Vegetarianism is worse for the environment

A study was done by the World Wildlife Fund and Cranfield University looking at the environmental impacts of our food choices. The report was largely in favor of reducing our meat consumption, but correctly clarified that simply replacing meat with heavily processed foods was not a solution. Early... Read more

Bug #27929 closed:off topic
Fantasy Health Care

The presumptive speaker-to-be of the House of Representatives justifies dismantling the Obama health care law by claiming that the US has the best health care system in the world. The only metric by which this is true is expense. An example of the actual data on life expectancy and health care... Read more

Bug #27782 closed:off topic
31 year old gay sex report continues to fuel RW conservatives

Please read this excellent review,http://www.boxturtlebulletin.com/Articles/000,005.htm it brings up many issues concerning the disbursement of the report and the response rate of 1% pointing to a phenomena called "participation bias". No other report of any kind would be allowed with these... Read more

Bug #11827 closed:off topic
Shopping website

News ticker indicates Google buys visual 'shooping' engine like.com.  Should say 'shopping'. Read more

Bug #11441 closed:off topic
Spelling Error

"Once they had solved the delivery method dilemma, they turned their attention to formulating ingredients that targetted the 5 most significant signs of damaged hair:"   The past tense of "target" is "targeted", not "targetted". Read more