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Bug #39861 closed:corrected
What's the Story?

A story published in The Japan Times and attributed to the AFP-Jiji  news service contains wording that is similar to an earlier Guardian article by staff reporter Ashifa Kassam bearing the exact same headline. What's the story there? Read more

Bug #39858 closed:corrected
What a Disaster!

  A wire service article (Disaster drills held on 1923 quake memorial day) published in The Japan Times on September 1, 2014 states:  “At a news conference after the Cabinet meeting, Abe called for citizens’ support in times of disaster, asking them not to horde... Read more

Bug #39854 closed:corrected
Japan Times Low Balls Dolphin Catch

A January 19, 2014 wire report (Kennedy tweets concern over Taiji dolphin hunt) appearing in the Japan Times states that during the Japanese village of Taiji’s annual dolphin hunt, “fishermen and divers in the village have caught at least 25 dolphins in a process to select captives... Read more

Bug #39851 closed:corrected
Who is Yumi Sakura?

It's a completely unsolved mystery. What makes it even more mysterious is the way The Japan Times handles, or doesn't handle it. Buried deep down in the dark recesses of the paper's archived digital records is an article by columnist Philip Brasor (Media Mix: Questions Abound, 911 conspiracies... Read more

Bug #39818 closed:corrected
"Respond quickly to questions about accuracy..."

In a well-penned and insightful article, contributing Huffington Post Media Blog author, Rev. Marie Siroky, states: “Unlike the invisible gay agenda or feminist agenda, there IS an agenda for journalists. It's known as Society of Professional Journalists Code of Ethics and has been around... Read more

Bug #38550 closed:corrected
President No More

This past August 21, the Huffington Post published an Associated Press story calling Donna Arnett the president of the American Heart Association (AHA). Arnett, who was the first stroke survivor to serve as president of the AHA, actually held that office for the fiscal year beginning... Read more

Bug #38549 closed:corrected
Not Anymore

This past August 20, USA Today published an Associated Press story calling Donna Arnett, the president of the American Heart Association (AHA). Arnett, who was the first stroke survivor to serve as president of the AHA, actually held that office for the fiscal year beginning July 1, 2012... Read more

Bug #38546 closed:corrected
Not Raw Just Half-Baked

This past June 14 Raw Story carried an article from the Guardian entitled, “Eyeball-licking: the fetish that is making Japanese teenagers sick.” The title kind of sums up the whole article. It’s a now familiar fable that has somehow crept across the pages of newspapers, magazines,... Read more

Bug #38530 closed:corrected
Eye of the Beholder

Mommyish says its writers “combine a thirst for the latest parenting news and trends with a tongue in cheek approach to childrearing.” I guess in following that approach, it was only natural that Mommyish gravitate toward a story entitled “Japanese Teens Are Licking Each... Read more

Bug #38520 closed:corrected

Alright, so I’m gazing over the Business Insider (BI), when this headline hits my eyes, “Strange Sex Fetish Leads To Pink Eye Epidemic In Japan.” Whoa! Does BI know how to sell a story or what? They had me sold in the first two words. I was all eyes for whatever BI reporter,... Read more