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Bug #7664 closed:off topic
Circle = Circumference

King describes a bicycle rack as "fat in girth and square in circumference". A square does not have a circumference - a circumference refers to a circular geometry - circle, arc, oval...   Read more

Bug #290 closed:off topic
Wall Street Journal book review misspells author's name

Author's name is spelled wrong. Should be McClelland. They left the last c out. Read more

Bug #270 closed:off topic

testing Read more

Bug #173 closed:off topic
NY Times misrepresents Dartmouth health-care study?

Harris's 2/17 piece "Report Cited by Obama on Hospitals is Criticized" suggests that the Dartmouth Health Atlas may be flawed in suggesting that there is no correlation between hospital costs and patient outcome. The author of the study responded in a 2/22 letter to the editor saying that... Read more