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Bug #38533 closed:unresolved
Eye for Accuracy

“Japanese primary school students involved in eyeball licking,” screamed the headline on a July 11 National Student (NS) article. The story goes on to tell the tale of a bizarre new craze that school kids across Japan are just mad about, licking each other’s eyeballs. It’s a... Read more

Bug #38525 closed:unresolved
Look Twice!

“Think twice,” shouts the headline on an article by Dr. Andrea L. Fisher in the June 20 Morning Journal. “Think twice!” It’s good advice. It’s an especially appropriate warning for anyone thinking of following what Fisher identifies as a new trend among Japanese... Read more

Bug #38523 closed:unresolved
Less than Meets the Eye

Writing in the Denver Post, reporter Andrea L. Fisher says that “in Japan, as much as one-third of elementary students admit to licking their classmates' eyes. It is called eye licking or “worming,' more accurately called, oculolinctus.” She explains that eye licking “has... Read more

Bug #38514 closed:unresolved
A Poke in the Eye

Citing a report in the Huffington Post, South Africa’s New Age (TNA) reports that, “a strange new trend amongst kids in Japan has caused an outbreak of ‘pink eye.”  Look again TNA, Huffington Post has backed off its claim of any such trend and are now calling it a... Read more

Bug #38511 closed:unresolved
Weird Science

In an article citing Gawker and the Huffington Post, Science World Report’s Kathleen Lees reports the shocking observation that the “latest craze in areas of Japan” is, she writes, “eyeball licking.” It all sounds terribly weird but terribly scientific until you check... Read more

Bug #38508 closed:unresolved
A Funny Sounding Story

AOL Quick Fix (“news fast with a side of funny”) reports that “a new sexual fetish is sweeping through Japanese middle schools and it’s real disgusting.” Going on in lurid detail to describe the practice dubbed elsewhere as 'worming' (a.k.a. eyeball licking), reporter... Read more

Bug #38505 closed:unresolved
Fox Takes Eye off Eyeball Story

 Fox 29 News in Philadelphia reports: "Eyeball Licking."  It is apparently a trend among young Japanese according to an article in medicaldaily.com…” Look again. Medical Daily (medicaldaily.com) now says “the Japanese "outbreak" may have been a hoax.” Hopefully... Read more

Bug #38502 closed:unresolved
Eye Network Loses Sight of Facts

News organizations are fighting a war of attrition as they try to stay afloat in the age of the Internet and fact finding seems to have become the first casualty in the coverage of stories ranging from the weird to war and more. I’ve seen an unbelievable tale that has been creeping into... Read more

Bug #38496 closed:unresolved
The Hot Trend That's Not

New York's WPIX-TV (Channel 11) News reports that “in Japan, teens have decided to show their love in a new, bizarre way: by licking eyeballs.” The post on the New York TV station’s website calls it a “hot new trend” but lots of folks are saying it’s... Read more

Bug #38493 closed:unresolved
Houston We Have a Problem

This from KRIV Fox 26 in Houston, Texas: “Eyeball Licking."  It is apparently a trend among young Japanese according to an article in medicaldaily.com” Apparently it’s not any more, or rather never was. Medicaldaily.com has since corrected its story to reveal reports of the... Read more