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Bug #30160 closed:withdrawn
This DID NOT HAPPEN in Acapulco

This "tag line" would make one believe that these killings happened in Acapulco. They did not. Miles and miles and miles away. The U.S. press only wants to portray Acapulco as a bad place to visit. Not very fair.   See a map:   http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Coyuca_de_Catal%C3%A1n Read more

Bug #30096 closed:withdrawn
**TEST** first bug report from sidebar widget

Test 1 Report from WA News council sidebar. (couldn't get hyperlink in this little rich text editor box thing to work :((( The Seattle Stickler misreported on the type of razor I used to shave my dog. I never go shorter than 1/4" but they brazenly contended that I used 1/8" THE NERVE! Reasons... Read more

Bug #28782 closed:withdrawn
Inaccurate description of Canucks goal

In describing the first Canucks goal, Mr. O'Neill writes: "Pietrangelo lost an edge along the boards, turning the puck over and creating an opportunity for Aaron Volpatti." The highlight below indicates that Tanner Glass clearly knocks Pietrangelo off the puck, free it up. It seems inaccurate to... Read more

Bug #28559 closed:withdrawn
'Ombudsperson', methinks

Ironically, I failed to first use the Report an Error functionality to report this, uh, error. D'oh. 'Ombudsman' should be 'ombudsperson', shouldn't it? Read more

Bug #7722 closed:withdrawn
NYT Misstates Diaspora's Crowdfunding by Factor of 10

Diaspora, an open-source project to create a federated system for social networking, raised just over $200,000 through Kickstarter, a crowdfunding platform. Rosen stated the project raised $20,000. Read more

Bug #243 closed:withdrawn
Redundant usage of "been" in Daily Cal

Caption: "A proposal to construct a laundromat in the Southside Lofts & Retail building on Telegraph Avenue has been met with opposition from residents, who cite concerns about noise, safety and parking problems." "...been met with...." is redundant.  This should be "met with" or "met." Read more