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Bug #39895 closed:corrected
Racist Rant in Black and White

In a recent Japan Times commentary entitled, "Kick out the touts who rule Roppongi," Gregory Cark pens a tale of his experience walking through Tokyo's untamed Roppongi district. In the second paragraph Clarke bemoans the fact that "little has been done about the blight of the mostly African touts... Read more

Bug #39870 open:under discussion
No Place to Hide

  This Saturday The Japan Times (JT) published an op-ed entitled “Right-wing witch hunt signals dark days in Japan” by Professor Jeff Kingston of Temple University Japan, whose searing commentaries have become a regular and welcome feature of the paper. The piece draws heavily... Read more

Bug #39866 closed:withdrawn
In a Word

  “Female GSDF officer to be assigned to NATO,” screams out a headline in today’s Japan Times. The article goes on to explain that GDSF stands for Ground Self Defense Forces (Japan’s defacto army) but what is the implication of the first word in the headline? Writing... Read more

Bug #39802 open
Paper Resurrects White Savior Complex

Japan Times Resurrects White Savior Complex The reader mail section of any newspaper ought to be a platform supporting a wide range of diverging and hopefully enlightening views. It would be a shame for a paper’s editors to let those pages deteriorate into a soapbox for espousing something... Read more

Bug #38418 closed:unresolved
Regret the Slur

In his July 6 Media Mix column, Philip Brasor of the Japan Times (Japan’s oldest and largest English daily) used the word “mongrel” in reference to a Japanese person of mixed ethnic heritage.  Countless readers (including those claiming multi-ethnic backgrounds themselves)... Read more

Bug #37542 closed:unresolved
Photo Copyright

The top photo belongs to Jason Cuddy, please delete. Read more

Bug #37531 closed:withdrawn

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Bug #37090 closed:unresolved
Stealing emails from climate scientists is a "crime"

Anne Jolis reviews climate scientist Michael Mann's book.  It's riddled with typical denial attacks beginning with the subtitle that implies that the link between fossil fuel, greenhouse gases, and climate change is still something to be "argued." The thing that really caught my eye is this... Read more