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Bug #39883 open
Headline Dead Wrong

On October 15, 2005 The Japan Times got it dead wrong when one of its headlines announced, “Trio who murdered four as minors sent to gallows.” I don’t know where the three convicted felons are now but a story that ran in the Mainichi Shimbun (“Daily News”) and... Read more

Bug #39875 open:under discussion
"Child" Missing

When people opened their New York Times this November 11, they might have read an article under a headline that said,“Palestinian Shot by Israeli Troops at Gaza Border.” Then again maybe they didn’t, and for all the wrong reasons.  Writing in the Fairness and Accuracy in... Read more

Bug #39872 closed:withdrawn
Headline Error

The headline says: "Man dies after setting himself on fire in Tokyo's Hibiya Park" (the bold italics are mine).  The problem lies a few paragraphs into the article where it says: "The bespectacled man, who appeared to be in his 50s or 60s, reportedly survived his apparent suicide attempt but... Read more

Bug #38571 closed:unresolved
New Heights in Skulking

The headline on an August 29, 2013 story in the Denver Post's All Things Avalanche blog reads: "Sneak peak of new Pepsi Center scoreboard" Should that be "sneak peek" rather than "sneak peak" or is that where they are going to list the names of the wiliest players.       Read more

Bug #37590 closed:unresolved
Left "1" off the title

it says "Vote 'yes' on Question" instead of "Vote 'yes' on Question 1" Read more

Bug #37327 closed:unresolved
Telkom, not Telkomsel

Telkom who is sponsoring the event, not Telkomsel. Please re-read the source. Read more

Bug #37279 closed:corrected

The speeds reported in the second graph shown in the article are, just as in the first, for provincial level entities rather than cities.... Henri Read more

Bug #30405 closed:unresolved
Misleading headline - "three quarters of global warming is manmade" implies 1/4 not.

By not prefacing the headline with "At least", the headline suggests that  the remaining 1/4 of warming is caused by natural factors; this misleads readers. Read more

Bug #30389 closed:unresolved
"mistake" mistake

Don't you mean the reporter mistook duck for dog? Read more

Bug #28507 closed:unresolved
Irrelevant and inflamatory reference to rape charges

The headline references the wikileaks and calls for extradition and prosecution for Julius Assange and that Ecuador has offered asylum.  However it throws in a reference completely unrelated to the subject of Julius Assage being a 'suspected rapist' which while technically true (he has been... Read more