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Bug #38065 closed:unresolved

mapbar is back, ctrip for ipad is back. Read more

Bug #37530 closed:unresolved
10000 perday

10000 downloads per day, not in two weeks.  Wrogn translation. Read more

Bug #37483 closed:unresolved
Some misunderstanding.

Hi, Karlina.I'm Ronald, the one who you interviewed back in the InaIcta events.I think there are a couple of misquotation here and also there are a couple things that if you may...don't need to be mentioned here.First of all, I'm not saying that "we will continue to develop local mascot from the... Read more

Bug #37423 closed:unresolved
Kindly remove Indonesia

Can we please remove Indoneisa from this list?   If you look across Southeast Asia, Thailand is the most advanced in this type of payment method. Countries like Cambodia, Indonesia, Myanmar and Vietnam aren’t anywhere close to this type of service – their banks aren’t even... Read more

Bug #37247 closed:corrected
wrong source, not VOA

Todung Mulya Lubis quoted, comes from http://www.thejakartapost.com/news/2012/06/15/prison-minang-atheist.html The Jakarta Post, not from VOA link provided by Enricko's article Read more

Bug #37216 closed:unresolved
names are wrong

mixing vipstore and vipshop!!!! Read more

Bug #37101 closed:corrected
Softer Software

The quote "Adding manpower to a late softer project makes it later" should read ...to a late software project... I think. Kind regards. Read more

Bug #37070 closed:unresolved
Indian E-Commerce Site Launches Windows 8 App, Says It’s the First

Hi, This is jut to bring to ur kind attention that Cbazaar is not owned by Hanmer MSL, its owned by Net Avenue Technologies (P) Ltd.   Read more

Bug #30360 closed:unresolved
False claim about researchers' climate-related conclusions

(Bug type is actually Misrepresentation, not strictly misquotation) In their global-warming's-a-hoax editorial pegged on the Aug 2011 CERN Kirkby et al "cosmic rays" report, the Daily Herald editorial said that "Scientists there have concluded that cosmic rays play a much larger role than... Read more

Bug #29953 closed:unresolved
Goal attributed to wrong player

Nich Matanda scored the first goal. Read more