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Bug #39851 closed:corrected
Who is Yumi Sakura?

It's a completely unsolved mystery. What makes it even more mysterious is the way The Japan Times handles, or doesn't handle it. Buried deep down in the dark recesses of the paper's archived digital records is an article by columnist Philip Brasor (Media Mix: Questions Abound, 911 conspiracies... Read more

Bug #38145 closed:unresolved

Piclome : A location based interaction app which let's people collaborate and share photos with each other instantly in a public or private hangouts. Read more

Bug #38097 closed:unresolved
Friendster CEO

Friendster CEO is Iannis Hanen Read more

Bug #37581 closed:unresolved

Think the woman's name is Wright, not White. Read more

Bug #37543 closed:unresolved
just got some people mixed up

Davina is the guitarist and Sarah is the lead singer. Also "Marissa" is actually spelled Marisa- only one S Read more

Bug #37420 closed:corrected
Wrong Name

Hi. This is Aung. The lable on my picture says my name is "Aung Kyaw Soe". In fact, my name is "Aung Kyaw Moe" Read more

Bug #37313 closed:corrected

NObu is not the manager of ITOCHU Corporation, he is the project manager of EXCITE Japan. Read more

Bug #37073 closed:unresolved

the line - divine love between Vishnu and the goddess Radha. it should be lord krishna instead of vishnu. and therfore the following explaintion in the article continuing with vishnu should be replaced by lord krishna. Read more

Bug #27775 closed:corrected
NZ Prime Minister given new job description

CNN reporting on the news about The Hobbit and Warner Brothers filming in New Zealand mistakenly called the Prime Minister of New Zealand (John Key) the Director of Weta Workshop (Richard Taylor) Read more

Bug #262 closed:corrected
TechCrunch iPhone story cites wrong police agency

This article says that the Santa Clara County Police Department is investigating the stolen iPhone incident. The Santa Clara County Police Department does not exist. Further on, the article mentions the Santa Clara Police Department. It is most likely that Santa Clara PD would not investigate this... Read more