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Bug #40021 closed:corrected
Picture This

(Warning: Linked content contains graphic images) A Mideast war correspondent notes via his Twitter account how a Daily Mail story tries to pass off an old photo as new.   Read more

Bug #39881 open:under discussion
A Little Bird Told Me

The caption for a photo accompanying a story published in The Japan Times ("'White van' man tweet hits a nerve in class obsessed Britain") reads, "Labour party lawmaker Emily Thornberry resigned within 7 hours of uploading this photograph on Twitter. " The problem is that it doesn't seem to be the... Read more

Bug #39856 open
Wrong Party

  The photo of Osaka Mayor, Toru Hashimoto, speaking before an assembly of people accompanies an article stating that the elected official "urged students at Sakuranomiya High School to accept entrance exam suspensions proposed for some departments in light of the suicide scandal... Read more

Bug #38048 closed:unresolved
Not the Whole Picture

Picture doesn't match caption or vice versa. Read more

Bug #37472 closed:unresolved
Pinit is hidden

Pinit is hidden by the picture.  Also, live trace the picture in Illustrator to get back the quality. Read more

Bug #37466 closed:unresolved
This girl looks like me

  Hello, i have been harassed by my friends because the girl in the picture looks like me a lot. Is it possible to remove that one, or exchange it, so that no more stories about this can be spread around? Thank you very much   Read more

Bug #37296 closed:unresolved
Picture Imperfect

The caption for a photo of a 2005 North Korean state ceremony accompanying this article on "the strange rise and fall of North Korea's business empire in Japan" reads: "Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad tours the Tehran nuclear research reactor. " The AP photo looks like it was shot inside some... Read more

Bug #37280 closed:unresolved
Wrong Pic

Picture does not go with runners! Read more

Bug #37157 closed:unresolved
Taxonomy FAIL

The insect pictured with this story is NOT a cochineal insect. It's not even that close a relative to a scale insect.  Additionally, the beetle pictured is not edible, or safe to eat :) Cochineals are not beetles, and are incorrectly referred to in the story as beetles as well. Read more

Bug #30283 closed:corrected
Photo missing

video/pic not appearing but placeholder is. Read more