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Bug #39877 closed:corrected
Punctuation Matters

A November 21 Japan Times headline reads "Japanese wives' secret savings triple husbands" - I guess this means money can buy love. Unless somebody just forgot to hang an apostrophe at the end of "husbands," then I guess it's just about the money. Read more

Bug #39864 closed:corrected
All "Fowled" Up

  When I see the words “gobble power” I immediately think “Turkey.” That is the fowl and not the country, Turkey, and certainly not India. So when an oped published in The Japan Times referred to “India's emergence as a gobble power,” I think the writer... Read more

Bug #39860 open
Jibe Talk vs. Jive Talk

  Earlier this year the Japan Times published an Associated Press story (“Hawaii lawmakers vow ban on police sex with prostitutes”) about police in the Aloha State urging their legislators to uphold a law that allows cops to have sex with prostitutes. The article states that... Read more

Bug #39858 closed:corrected
What a Disaster!

  A wire service article (Disaster drills held on 1923 quake memorial day) published in The Japan Times on September 1, 2014 states:  “At a news conference after the Cabinet meeting, Abe called for citizens’ support in times of disaster, asking them not to horde... Read more

Bug #38572 closed:unresolved
Surreptitious Summits

It seems like surreptitious summits are popping up across the media landscape. An August 18 Boston Globe article entitled, "New park layout sneak peak," led with this equally stealthy statement: "Selectmen got a sneak peak at the layout of the new WWII Veterans Memorial Nature Trails, which... Read more

Bug #38173 closed:unresolved
1checker should be "1Checker"

I think the correct app name is "1Checker" (with letter C capitalized).  Read more

Bug #38172 closed:unresolved

Hi Emily Just a friendly note that StarHub should be spelt with a capital 'S' and 'H'. Read more

Bug #38168 closed:unresolved
Word order

Last paragraph:  Says "give us viable two choices for public office."  Incorrect word order.  Should be "two viable choices" Read more

Bug #38129 closed:unresolved
Spelling mistake

"Taking advantag" should be "Taking advantage" Read more

Bug #38128 closed:corrected
Spelling mistake

"Taking advantag" should be "Taking advantage" Read more