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Eye Network Loses Sight of Facts

This bug appeared in a news report published by CBS Atlanta on Jun 13, 2013. View the original news report.
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News organizations are fighting a war of attrition as they try to stay afloat in the age of the Internet and fact finding seems to have become the first casualty in the coverage of stories ranging from the weird to war and more. I’ve seen an unbelievable tale that has been creeping into newspapers across the globe recently. It’s a story about a bizarre eyeball licking trend, dubbed “worming” that’s reportedly sweeping Japanese primary schools. The sordid tale has been repeated by dozens of major news outlets, including ABC News, Time Magazine, etc. Even the local affiliate of the eye network, CBS in Atlanta put the trend in the public eye, noting that “in one Japanese classroom of 12-year-olds, one-third of students confessed to “worming.”  

What’s even more troubling is that there may be less to the bizarre tale than meets the eye. Writing in an obscure publication called the No. 1 Shimbun, Tokyo-based journalist Mark Schreiber lifts the lid on this widespread report to discover that, while the story has traveled the globe, it has no legs to stand on. It was based on pure fabrication.

Over the last couple of weeks, reports on MediaBugs.org have noted that a number of news publications who reported on the eyeball licking trend that never was have admitted that they dropped the ball and have since updated their stories. While news organizations in general should be looking for a lesson to learn from this incident of a hoax heard around the world, most are standing by the shadowy tale.  In his article tracing the origin of the eyeball licking hoax, Schreiber asks "does anybody really care?" I think the press’ response to MediaBugs, or lack thereof, will provide part of the answer to that question while painting a better picture of the media landscape today and the particular dynamics that may fuel these kinds of false reports. 

Today there are still lots of dubious reports out there regarding the hot eyeball licking trend that was not and the record needs to be set straight on this cockeyed story. I hope CBS in Atlanta will do that and shed some light where there is only a shadow of doubt. 


Supporting Information:

If you want a real eye-opener, take a look at "Lick This!" by Mark Schreiber and read how the tale of a fake fad made in Japan made its way into the pages of newspapers, magazines, and more all around the world.

Also see: "In the Public Eye" on Snopes.com


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