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Seeing Eye to Eye

This bug appeared in a news report published by Huffington Post (UK edition) on Jun 13, 2013 by Sarah C. Nelson. View the original news report.
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This past June, the UK edition of the Huffington Post carried a story about an eyeball fad sweeping Japanese primary schools. The report was nearly identical to a similar story posted in the Huff Post’s US edition except for one glaring difference. The US article carries an update noting that claims of the bizarre fad were likely a hoax. In fact it was a hoax heard around the world with stories of Japanese tweens licking each other’s eyeballs creeping across the pages of newspapers, magazines, and more across the globe. The US edition of the Huffington Post was perhaps the first to correct its story and then publish another news piece devoted to the trend that was decidedly not. Let’s hope the UK version of the Huffington Post decides to get on the same page as its sister site across the sea so we can all see eye to eye on this eye-popping tale.

Supporting Information:

If you want a real eye-opener, take a look at "Lick This!" by Mark Schreiber and read how the tale of a fake fad made in Japan made its way into online publications like MNT as well as the pages of newspapers, magazines, and more all around the world.

Also see: "In the Public Eye" on Snopes.com


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The Huffington Post reporter for the story cited here is Sara C. Nelson, not "Sarah" C. Nelson as noted above.

The first sentence should be "This past June, the UK edition of the Huffington Post carried a story about an eyeball licking fad sweeping Japanese primary schools."

Sorry about that.

Aug 15, 2013 1:40 am