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Stealing emails from climate scientists is a "crime"

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This bug appeared in a news report published by Wall Street Journal on Mar 15, 2012 by Anne Jolis. View the original news report.
Bug Type:  Ethical Issue

Anne Jolis reviews climate scientist Michael Mann's book.  It's riddled with typical denial attacks beginning with the subtitle that implies that the link between fossil fuel, greenhouse gases, and climate change is still something to be "argued."

The thing that really caught my eye is this paragraph:

"In his book, Mr. Mann dubs the unauthorized release of his emails a "crime" and claims that the ensuing "witch hunt" constituted "the most malicious" of "attack after vitriolic attack against us" by the "corporate-funded denial machine."

How can the theft or hacking of personal emails be deemed anything but a crime?  This seems highly inappropriate, especially coming from the Wall Street Journal whose parent company has been so embroiled in phone hacking and privacy intrusion scandals.  Lest we forget, some have even speculated that the Murdoch empire is behind the sophisticated and well-planned disinformation campaign that is climategate.

I think the WSJ should be accountable for perpetuating a culture that thinks its OK to steal emails and listen in to other people's emails for the sake of a story , or a political point.


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