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MediaBugs is a service for correcting errors  and problems in media coverage.

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The Atlantic

Bug #37282 closed:unresolved
Yes We Can! Fix This Mistake

Back in October, 2009 James Fallows wrote on his Atlantic Monthly blog about how a newly coined word, “obamu,” had “gained currency among some Japanese youths.” The word according to the blog entry was a verb rooted in the name Obama, as in President Obama. Essentially this... Read more

ABC News

Bug #37292 closed:unresolved
ABC's Japan quake video: wrong place, time

The description for this video, capturing a few minutes of the killer earthquake that rocked Japan in March of 2011, reads: "Residents in Miyagi Prefecture run as debris falls from buildings." The trouble with the story is that the reporter on camera identifies herself as being in Yokohama City... Read more

Chicago Tribune

Bug #38139 closed:unresolved
Hidden Bias

On February 8, the Chicago Tribune ran an editorial by Dave Seminara (“Legalizing Illegal Immigrants A Bad Idea”) without ever divulging to readers the author’s perhaps most relevant affiliation. Seminara is a fellow of the Center for Immigration Studies, an organization the... Read more

Mother Jones

Bug #38578 closed:unresolved
Edmond Post Office Shooting

Sherrill said nothing as he immediately walked up to the shift supervisor, Richard Esser Jr., and shot him in the chest at close range. Still silent, Sherrill stalked more victims throughout the winding corridors of the Edmond post office. His rampage lasted for only ten minutes but,... Read more

Bug #39789 open
Annette Funicello did not endorse birth control

An Arizona minister wrongly claimed that Annette Funicello endorsed birth control.  The Raw Story is still repeating his claim as fact, writing "Anderson noted that Annette Funicello, a star of the Mickey Mouse Club in the 1950s, had promoted birth control for a 1960s-era advertisement...." Read more

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From the MediaBugs Blog

MediaBugs — Sharing our final report to our funders at Knight

Today, the Knight Foundation released a comprehensive report evaluating the class of Knight News Challenge winners of which MediaBugs was a (happy and grateful) part. The report has plenty of food for thought about the challenges MediaBugs faced and the efforts we made to overcome them during the two years of our grant. Its appearance […]

New York Times to Thomas Friedman: We won’t fix your error

Recently Hal Espen, formerly the editor of Outside magazine, posted an error report on MediaBugs concerning a 2009 column by Thomas Friedman on the politics of climate change. Friedman’s apparent mistake was reporting that the first President Bush had signed the Rio Treaty in 1993 — part of an argument Friedman was promoting that, historically […]

The case of the New York Times’ terror error

[This article, which is a collaboration between Scott Rosenberg and Mark Follman, originally appeared on the Atlantic’s website. Since then it has been the subject of a MediaBugs error report filed by Frank Lindh. Yes, at MediaBugs, not only do we eat our own dogfood, we find it tasty!] It is hard to describe the […]