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I need help with my account or password!

If you're logged in and you want to change your username, email address, picture, email preferences, or password, just click on your name at the top right of the screen. This will take you to your profile page, which you can edit by clicking the ""Edit Profile" button.

If you've forgotten your password, click here and we'll send you a new one at your email address.

How do I keep up with bugs I've filed or I'm interested in?

If you click through to any bug's page, you'll find a button beneath its headline that says "track."

If you click the button, you'll add that bug to your "My bugs" dashboard page. Once you do so, any activity or changes to that bug will show up on the My Bugs page for you to keep up with.

You can also choose to have us send you an email when there's activity on a bug you filed or are interested in: Just click the "email me updates" button -- it's next to the "track" button. Or if you like to use RSS, each bug has a feed -- you can grab the feed address from the RSS icon in the same row of buttons.

I want you to send me emails any time there's a bug filed about my news outlet!

That's easy. Just browse bugs by media outlet, find the page for your media outlet, and click through to it. You should see a"Subscribe" block in the upper right hand of your screen; here, you can opt to receive new bugs in your email or RSS reader.

I posted a bug but now I can't find it!

You can use the search field at the top of all our pages. Or you can use any of the different views of bugs from our "Browse Bugs" page -- bugs organized by date, type, media outlet, status, or recent activity.

If a bug is marked "Off Topic," it will no longer show up in our various bug listings, except if you browse specifically to the Off Topic listing.

If a bug is filed anonymously, we won't publish it immediately. It will appear on MediaBugs after we've reviewed it and made sure it's relevant.

I want to stop/change the emails MediaBugs is sending me!

You can do that from your Edit Profile page.

Something someone posted on MediaBugs is bugging me!

If you see a bug or a comment that you find inappropriate, that violates our guidelines, or that otherwise needs attending to, you can flag it. Just click the "Flag a problem" button underneath the bug headline or next to the comment. We'll review it ASAP.

I have some other problem that you didn't anticipate or can't possibly imagine!

Of course you do. That's why we have a contact form. Go ahead, surprise us!