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What is a media bug?

  • Is it in the media?
  • Is it wrong?
  • Is it correctable?

Then it's a media bug!

A media bug is a correctable error or problem in a news story or media report.

If you can't see how the media outlet responsible for the bug would go about correcting it, it probably isn't a bug. It might be a difference of opinion or a matter of debate. We love those arguments, too! But the Web doesn't need one more place for them.

A media bug can be in a newspaper or magazine, on TV or radio, on a website or a blog.

We welcome bug reports for all media outlets based in the US. (For the first few months of our beta, we only accepted bug reports that related to coverage of the San Francisco Bay Area region or that appear in media outlets based here.)

When you know about a media bug, you can make a report about it with as much information as you're able to provide.

Once you make a report, we'll alert the responsible news outlet.

You can track the discussion about any bug by adding it to your My Bugs dashboard page. You can also receive updates about the bug via email or RSS.

If you register for a free account at MediaBugs you will also be able to update the status of any bug that you reported -- if, for instance, it's been corrected, or if you decide to withdraw it.

We encourage users to put their real names behind their bug reports. We also accept anonymous bug reports, but we review them before publicly posting them.