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Who we are

Scott Rosenberg (project director)

Scott is an author (Say Everything, Dreaming in Code), journalist (9 years at the San Francisco Examiner, 11 years at Salon, which he cofounded and served as managing editor), blogger (wordyard.com), website builder, and stickler for stuff like accuracy and truth.



Mark Follman (associate director) 

Mark has been a writer and editor in San Francisco since 1994. He was a news editor at Salon from 2003 to 2009, and has contributed to a variety of other publications including Rolling Stone, Mother Jones and Arrive. He blogs frequently about culture, politics and media over here, and riffs about same even more frequently over here.


Ben Brown (software and site development)

Internet pioneer Ben Brown builds amazing web applications. His platform is called PeoplePods and his company is called XOXCO.


Other credits:

 Mignon Khargie designed our logo, icons and look. Courtney Patubo designed our pages. Look for our forthcoming "MediaBugs: the Video" from Nate and Kate at Beepshow.

Project advisers:

Lane Becker

Bill Gannon

Dan Gillmor

Craig Silverman