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Add MediaBugs to your site: our WordPress plugin

The MediaBugs plugin for WordPress automatically adds a link to each post that allows users to file error reports about a blog's content to MediaBugs.org.

The MediaBugs WordPress plugin is intended for bloggers who are doing journalism of any kind on their sites.

With the plugin installed, site visitors will have one-click access to an error report form that appears as an overlay, pulls in the post's URL automatically, and files the error report to MediaBugs.org.

Blog publishers can easily monitor MediaBugs for any error reports filed about their sites by subscribing to email alerts or RSS feeds.


* Download the file to your local computer.
* Extract the MediaBugs folder from the .zip file.
* Upload the MediaBugs folder to the /wp-content/plugins/  directory of your WordPress installation.
* Activate the plugin from WordPress's Plugins admin pane.
* If you want to turn error reporting on, visit the Settings - MediaBugs pane through your WordPress admin interface and check the box labeled "Automatically append the "Report an error" link to all posts?"
* You can also decide here whether you want to use the default text ("Report an error") or modify it. And you can check the "Use the 'Report an Error' icon next to the text?" if you want to add the icon to your page.
* Click "Update" at the bottom of the settings page to save your choices.