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Anna Haynes

Anna Haynes has reported 5 bugs

Bug #30405 closed:unresolved
Misleading headline - "three quarters of global warming is manmade" implies 1/4 not.

By not prefacing the headline with "At least", the headline suggests that  the remaining 1/4 of warming is caused by natural factors; this misleads readers. Read more

Bug #30369 closed:unresolved
Misleading claim: "No one really knows" how much of global warming is natural, how much human-caused

Misrepresentation: A commentary on KVMR ( radio) made the claim that "nobody really knows" how much global warming is natural and how much is human-caused; a statement which conflates the scientific meaning of uncertainty (range) with the common meaning of uncertainty (doubt) Read more

Bug #30360 closed:unresolved
False claim about researchers' climate-related conclusions

(Bug type is actually Misrepresentation, not strictly misquotation) In their global-warming's-a-hoax editorial pegged on the Aug 2011 CERN Kirkby et al "cosmic rays" report, the Daily Herald editorial said that "Scientists there have concluded that cosmic rays play a much larger role than... Read more

Bug #30348 closed:unresolved
"He said, she said" in NYTimes/ClimateWire story on Gore's "24 hours" effort

A pure he-said-she-said story with no attempt to adjudicate: the article's second half is given over to PR executiveTom Harris, introduced as "executive director of the International Climate Science Coalition" (which Harris is permitted to describe: "...climate realists"); yet Harris has no climate... Read more

Bug #277 closed:corrected
CA global-warming law supporter misquoted?

The story's error paints Steven Maviglio as alarmist: "Maviglio said the goal is unrealistic, as the state has only hit the proposed target (for lifting the suspension) three times in the past decade."  But in other stories, he's been reported as saying three times in the last *3*... Read more

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