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Bug #41261 open
No me llega el premio

Me gane un Samsung s.9 ..que CNT Ecuador estaba regalando y página 89 $ USD y no me llega  Read more

Bug #41256 open
Sanctury city poll numbers switched in Breitbart story

The story states, "The poll found that 88% of Republicans in California oppose sanctuary cities and more voters (38%) 'strongly oppose' sanctuary cities than 'strongly support' (32%)." If you click on the link for the poll, however... Read more

Bug #41252 open

sadfdsf Read more

Bug #41181 open
Varga Renàta

Renàta Read more

Bug #41137 open

Test Test Test Testt Testttt Read more

Bug #41128 open
Is Quotewizard using a oversimplified study for best/worst drivers

Below is from QuoteWizards website which I wonder if it is a less than acurate study:   Methodology How do you statistically determine bad driving? We sampled incident stats from users of our website with over two million data points from 2016. To quantify over driver standards for... Read more

Bug #41060 open

dqs Read more

Bug #40781 open
Wholesale Pandora Gold Beads Online

 Read more

Bug #40169 open:responded to
NYT Profiled CEO of Fake Charity Spotlight on Heroes

The California state Attorney General is currently investigating CEO Pari Livermore and her unregistered charity Spotlight on Heroes for noncomplicance with state charity laws. The entity has been operating illegally since 2006.  New York Times profile in 2007 remains online, uncorrected and... Read more

Bug #40160 open

asdasdaasdad Read more

Bug #40158 open

yjkyiuouioip; Read more

Bug #40093 open

"when your in the business of getting the facts straight" should be "when you're..." or "when you are..." Read more

Bug #40089 open
Gender pronoun

"That day will never leave me no matter how much therapy I have," said Ericka Brannock, who said she had undergone 21 operations, including on his legs and eardrums. Still she vowed: "What they did will not break my spirit."   *his legs should be her legs Read more

Bug #40081 open
Breitbart CNN/Fox Error

Nolte lists former Obama staffers "planted" at CNN. Claims "important distinction" that Karl Rove "joined Fox News after Bush left office." But Rove joined in Feb 2008 according to foxnews.com. John Bolton also worked for Fox in 2008 or before. Perhaps others? Therefore, the "important distinction"... Read more

Bug #40056 open

mgb Read more

Bug #39905 open

test Read more

Bug #39897 open
Thomas not a member of God Squad (Endangered Species Committee)

The God Squad is a committee of seven Cabinet-level members: The administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency, the administrator of National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, the chairman of the Council of Economic Advisers, a representative from the state in... Read more

Bug #39894 open

sad Read more

Bug #39887 open
filme com problema

oimdoismaos Read more

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