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Bug #39516 open

nrknfkjnr Read more

Bug #39514 open

nrknfkjnr Read more

Bug #39496 open
lien mort

ce film sa march pas Read more

Bug #38770 open

asfdsadsa Read more

Bug #38762 open

fdsfdsfdsfsdfdsfdsfdfsdfds Read more

Bug #38756 open
Mary Grace Canfield Obituary

The town mentioned in the TV show, Green Acres, on which she appeared, is misspelled.  It should be "Hooterville" Read more

Bug #38750 open
Cerca de tres tercios de las mujeres

3 tercios de mujeres === Todas las mujeres three thirds of women === all women   Read more

Bug #38740 open
Daily Mail does it again

Headlines have wrong words. Read more

Bug #38737 open
New York Avenue, NE is Route 50

The article "Building on higher ground in Northeast" in page 3 of the Real Estate section of the Washington Post, Jan. 18, 2014, states "New York Avenue turns into Route 50."    New York Avenue NE in Washington DC is United States Route 50.  It does not "turn into" Route 50.   Read more

Bug #38735 open:responded to
Wrong basketball team name

Radio talk show host stated Dwight Howard played for the Houston Lakers last year and did not correct himself. Read more

Bug #38733 open
NSA spying on U.S. allies

NBC Washington  WRC television reported that NSA will stop bugging phones and eavestropping on U.S. allies.  Presidential statement of Jan. 18, 2014, is that U.S. will not listen to phone calls of allied heads of state and government -- those of the German Chancellor, in particular.... Read more

Bug #38731 open
Wrong year reported

2014 in the following paragraph should be 2013 According to metrics company Net Applications, Windows XP's user share-- the percentage of all personal computer owners who went online with that OS -- stood at 29% at the end of December 2014. Computerworld has forecast that at least... Read more

Bug #38715 closed:unresolved

asdadad Read more

Bug #38710 closed:unresolved

phjim hư Read more

Bug #38605 closed:unresolved
Free Speech - http://www.youtube.com/watch_popup?v=7SGWH3kirzg&vq=medium

HR347 - they say that it takes away freedom of speech and the headline says "signed in secret" all over the web. And while it started in 2012 I just saw it on a facebook post today!   Also here:... Read more

Bug #38597 closed:unresolved
Accuracy of Youtube Video

Is the video accurate or tampered with? Read more

Bug #38589 closed:unresolved

asdfasdf Read more

Bug #38581 closed:unresolved

tet Read more

Bug #38416 closed:corrected

Test is working or not Read more

Bug #38414 closed:unresolved
Wikidata ...

The Watson Project used the english wikipedia and NOT Wikidata - that started 2012! After asking the programmers of Wikidata I got the following answre: "Watson benutzte den Text der (Englischen) Wikipedia. Hätte es Wikidata gegeben, hätten sie es benutzt, sagten mir Leute aus dem... Read more

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