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Frank Lindh

Frank Lindh has reported 6 bugs

Bug #30282 closed:unresolved
MediaBugs authors compound the John Lindh "al Qaeda" myth

In their "Corrections in theWeb Age" article in The Atlantic about false reports that John Walker Lindh (my son) is a "terrorist" or contributed his services to a "terrorist organization," the authors actually compounded the problem they were describing by saying falsely that John received training... Read more

Bug #30227 closed:corrected
CNN story falsely said John Walker Lindh is a "convicted terrorist"

The article, about a terrorism suspect named Michael Finton, contains the statement:  "Authorities said Finton idolized convicted terrorist John Walker Lindh -- an American who was captured fighting for the Taliban in Afghanistan...."  This is a grievious error.  John Lindh, my son,... Read more

Bug #30223 closed:unresolved
60 Minutes falsely suggests John Lindh is a "terrorist"

The story features a fairly lengthy segment about Sheik Zindani and his al Imam University.  Steve Kroft introduced this portion of the story by saying:  “Al Imam University, the alma mater of some very famous alumni.  John Walker Lindh, the American Taliban recruit, studied at... Read more

Bug #30222 closed:unresolved
KQED's Dave Iverson falsely stated he conducted a "pre-interview" with Frank Lindh

In an interview with the ombudsman from National Public Radio on May 26, Dave Iverson incorrectly stated in response to a question that he had conducted a "preinterview" with me prior to my on-air interview on May 25. No such preinterview occurred.  I agree with the Ombudsman... Read more

Bug #30221 closed:unresolved
New York Times front-page article suggesting John Lindh "fought Americans"

On Tuesday, January 19, 2010, the Times published a page-one article about Al Eman University in Sana, Yemen, where my son, John Lindh, was enrolled briefly in 1999, when he was 19 years of age (“At Yemen College, Scholarship and Jihadist Ideas”).  This article asserted... Read more

Bug #30220 closed:unresolved
NY Times article falsely linking John Lindh with "terrorism" and suggesting he "embraced extremism"

On Sunday, January 17, 2010, the Times published a feature article about Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, the young Nigerian accusesd of attempting to blow up an airliner on Christmas Day (“Lonely Trek to Radicalism for Terror Suspect”). The article cited John Lindh as a supposed... Read more

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