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JT Cassidy

An old man with a newspaper and a bad attitude.

JT Cassidy's Website: http://johntaro.blogspot.jp/

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Bug #39818 closed:corrected
"Respond quickly to questions about accuracy..."

In a well-penned and insightful article, contributing Huffington Post Media Blog author, Rev. Marie Siroky, states: “Unlike the invisible gay agenda or feminist agenda, there IS an agenda for journalists. It's known as Society of Professional Journalists Code of Ethics and has been around... Read more

Bug #39802 open
Paper Resurrects White Savior Complex

Japan Times Resurrects White Savior Complex The reader mail section of any newspaper ought to be a platform supporting a wide range of diverging and hopefully enlightening views. It would be a shame for a paper’s editors to let those pages deteriorate into a soapbox for espousing something... Read more

Bug #39800 open:under discussion
Paper Corrects but Nobody Is the Wiser

Paper Corrects but Nobody Is the Wiser  I was glad to see that the Japan Times recently fixed what amounted to a minor error* in one of its stories. I only wish it had noted the correction at the bottom of the article like it's done in the past (as with the April 6, 2013 wire story, "Whale... Read more

Bug #38572 closed:unresolved
Surreptitious Summits

It seems like surreptitious summits are popping up across the media landscape. An August 18 Boston Globe article entitled, "New park layout sneak peak," led with this equally stealthy statement: "Selectmen got a sneak peak at the layout of the new WWII Veterans Memorial Nature Trails, which... Read more

Bug #38571 closed:unresolved
New Heights in Skulking

The headline on an August 29, 2013 story in the Denver Post's All Things Avalanche blog reads: "Sneak peak of new Pepsi Center scoreboard" Should that be "sneak peek" rather than "sneak peak" or is that where they are going to list the names of the wiliest players.       Read more

Bug #38569 closed:unresolved

The media watchdog organization known as Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting (FAIR) cites an August 23 USA Today editorial making what the advocacy group says are “unsubstantiated assertions about Iran having a nuclear weapons program to advocate the bombing of Syria.” The USA Today... Read more

Bug #38567 closed:unresolved
A Whiff of Evidence

In her August 27, 2013 report on NPR’s All Things Considered, correspondent Mara Liasson describes impending US military action in Syria as a “proxy war” with Iran, who she says “is developing its own weapons of mass destruction.”  While you could interpret a... Read more

Bug #38563 closed:withdrawn
Not the TImes' First (or Second) TIme

Salon.com has corrected a recent story (“The New York Times (Quietly) Drops the F-bomb”) claiming that the New York Times broke virgin ground when it quoted a passage from a Jonatham Letham novel containing a certain four letter word beginning with “f” and ending with... Read more

Bug #38561 closed:withdrawn

Writing for the Atlantic Wire (August 26, 2013 – “The New York Times Deigns to Use the F Word”), Rebecca Greenfield exclaims that “In a nearly unprecedented move, the stodgy New York Times printed the f-word in its entirety…” Hmm, “nearly... Read more

Bug #38555 closed:unresolved
Constitutional Rights? Fuhgeddaboudit

An August 23 NY Post editorial lambasts NYC Council members as well as mayoral candidate Bill de Blasio for siding against Mayor Bloomberg and in favor of keeping a closer eye on the NYPD and its notorious stop-and-frisk program. As Media Matters for America notes, “in its zeal... Read more

Bug #38552 closed:unresolved
Who's the Boss?

This past August 21, the Press Herald published an Associated Press story calling Donna Arnett the president of the American Heart Association. Arnett, who was the first stroke survivor to serve as president of the American Heart Association/American Stroke Association, actually held that... Read more

Bug #38550 closed:corrected
President No More

This past August 21, the Huffington Post published an Associated Press story calling Donna Arnett the president of the American Heart Association (AHA). Arnett, who was the first stroke survivor to serve as president of the AHA, actually held that office for the fiscal year beginning... Read more

Bug #38549 closed:corrected
Not Anymore

This past August 20, USA Today published an Associated Press story calling Donna Arnett, the president of the American Heart Association (AHA). Arnett, who was the first stroke survivor to serve as president of the AHA, actually held that office for the fiscal year beginning July 1, 2012... Read more

Bug #38546 closed:corrected
Not Raw Just Half-Baked

This past June 14 Raw Story carried an article from the Guardian entitled, “Eyeball-licking: the fetish that is making Japanese teenagers sick.” The title kind of sums up the whole article. It’s a now familiar fable that has somehow crept across the pages of newspapers, magazines,... Read more

Bug #38543 closed:unresolved
Accuracy Matters When Targeting Injustice

The headline on an August 21 Colorlines article cries, “Cops Plant Crack in Black Business to Arrest Owner.” The video accompanying the article, however, notes that it was a police informant that actually planted the damning evidence. While the video also reports that police deny... Read more

Bug #38536 closed:unresolved
Much A-Buzz About Nothing

BuzzFeed: (re: Japanese Teens Are Licking Each Other's Eyeballs for Fun...) You do know that this whole Japanese eye licking craze isn't for real, right?   [Psst: If you want a real eye-opener, take a look at "Lick This!" by Mark Schreiber and read how the tale of a fake fad... Read more

Bug #38533 closed:unresolved
Eye for Accuracy

“Japanese primary school students involved in eyeball licking,” screamed the headline on a July 11 National Student (NS) article. The story goes on to tell the tale of a bizarre new craze that school kids across Japan are just mad about, licking each other’s eyeballs. It’s a... Read more

Bug #38530 closed:corrected
Eye of the Beholder

Mommyish says its writers “combine a thirst for the latest parenting news and trends with a tongue in cheek approach to childrearing.” I guess in following that approach, it was only natural that Mommyish gravitate toward a story entitled “Japanese Teens Are Licking Each... Read more

Bug #38525 closed:unresolved
Look Twice!

“Think twice,” shouts the headline on an article by Dr. Andrea L. Fisher in the June 20 Morning Journal. “Think twice!” It’s good advice. It’s an especially appropriate warning for anyone thinking of following what Fisher identifies as a new trend among Japanese... Read more

Bug #38523 closed:unresolved
Less than Meets the Eye

Writing in the Denver Post, reporter Andrea L. Fisher says that “in Japan, as much as one-third of elementary students admit to licking their classmates' eyes. It is called eye licking or “worming,' more accurately called, oculolinctus.” She explains that eye licking “has... Read more

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