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Mark Follman

I'm the associate director and community manager of MediaBugs.

Mark Follman's Website: www.markfollman.com

Mark Follman has reported 9 bugs

Bug #31236 closed:corrected
Gervais profile misstates name of Golden Globes organization

"Besides, Gervais said he had heard that the Hollywood Foreign Press Agency was deciding between his returning 'or no host at all.' 'So basically, I beat no one,' he said with a laugh." The name of the org is the Hollywood Foreign Press Association. http://www.goldenglobes.org/ Read more

Bug #30382 closed:corrected
NYT calls the Bay Citizen the "Bay Observer"

The Times mistakenly identifies the Bay Citizen as the "Bay Observer." (Odd, not only because the Times partners with the Bay Citizen, but also because the link on "Bay Observer" in the piece leads to the Bay Citizen's pages.) "The portrayal of Mr. Lee as part of an old-guard machine gained some... Read more

Bug #30290 closed:unresolved
Story on Navy SEALs' bin Laden raid with "helmet cams" untrue?

In his report on the Abbottabad raid, CBS News' David Martin stated that "the 40 minutes it took to kill bin Laden and scoop his archives into garbage bags were all recorded by tiny helmet cameras worn by each of the 25 SEALs. Officials reviewing those videos are still reconstructing a more... Read more

Bug #30288 closed:corrected
NYT/Lindh piece missing opening paragraph

Looks like you accidentally chopped off the opening paragraph when reposting to Wordyard! Read more

Bug #30147 closed:unresolved
CIA was not "certain" about Osama bin Laden in Abbottabad

Describing the intelligence trail and runup to the U.S. military raid on Osama bin Laden's compound, John Yoo wrote that "the CIA became certain that the al Qaeda leader was hiding inside." That's inaccurate. Many news outlets have reported that the U.S. had circumstantial evidence of bin Laden's... Read more

Bug #30111 closed:corrected
Blog post omits USA Today's publication of bogus GE story

When reporting on the Associated Press's bogus GE tax refund story, the blogger failed to include that USA Today ran the story on its site and then pulled it down after realizing it was a hoax. By that point the story had already been picked up and repeated widely via USA Today. USA Today also... Read more

Bug #28490 closed:corrected
'4-year-old sued for bike crash' story still has errors

The story misstates the age of a child involved in the incident; he was five, not four. It also misstates the circumstances of the elderly woman's death; she died three months after the incident (not three weeks after it) reportedly from unrelated causes. Read more

Bug #358 closed:corrected
KCBS quotes two unknown people at Israel protest

Why didn't this story identify the two people with whom the reporter spoke at the scene of the protest? Here's the segment in question: Protesters in San Francisco were separated by metal barricades and lines of police.  It was a loud, but peaceful demonstration. "I’m outraged about... Read more

Bug #218 closed:unresolved
SFGate exaggerated giardia risk from stolen puppy

A post in "The Scavenger" blog, which had prominent placement on the home page on March 4, had a headline emphasizing that a stolen puppy infected with giardia could infect humans. The post itself also stated this — but it is unlikely for humans to contract giardia from dogs. Read more

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