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Rachael Ludwick

Rachael Ludwick has reported 2 bugs

Bug #38125 closed:unresolved
Factually wrong use of DDE pesticide data comparing organic vs conventional kale

In a piece about the benefits of organic food, a graph is given comparing the residues of the pesticide DDE on organic and conventionally grown kale. Unfortunately, the underlying source (http://whatsonmyfood.org/level.jsp?food=GK&pesticide=910#f1) has no data for organic kale (that is, none... Read more

Bug #38124 closed:unresolved
Misleading use of scientific study results

In a post about why consumers should prefer organic food (after Dr. Oz made waves saying it wasn't critical), a meta-analysis study on neurological problems in workers occupationally exposed to pesticides was used in a context implying that eating organic food would reduce risks to similar... Read more

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