MediaBugs t-shirts? We got t-shirts!

We’ve worked very hard to make MediaBugs an easy to use, inviting, and reliable service. But recently we realized that we were falling down on the job in a critical area.

Oh, we had widgets and Facebook buttons, videos and Twitter badges, email alerts and RSS feeds. But we were missing one vital digital-era feature that, plainly, was hobbling our efforts at outreach.

Friends, this failure has now been remedied. Today we announce the availability of the one-and-only MediaBugs t-shirt — a real stunner in lime-green on white. No collar tag to, um, bug you! Sized to your needs! (As long as what you need is X-Large.)

Like it? Want it? Can’t buy it, sorry. The only way to get your very own MediaBugs T-shirt is to file an error report. If we pick your bug report to feature in our “Bugs to Watch” list, you’ll get a shirt!

The only catch is that, obviously, this won’t work if you’ve chosen to file the bug report anonymously. If we don’t know who you are, we can’t ask you where to send your shirt. We’re good, but not that good.

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